Developing Reasoning Skills For The Decision-Making Process

To develop good reasoning skills you need the ability to deeply think through a problem. Reasoning is the ability to see an issue from more than one side. To reason through a problem is to fully evaluate all of the factors of the issue. It is the ability to closely examine the present circumstances and determine what the choices johnare, so as to find a good resolution.

Here are factors that impact the reasoning process:

The amount of time that you have to make a decision.

  1. 2.     The number of choices that you have.
    3.     The evaluation of each choice and what the possible outcomes would be.
    4.     The emotional tolerance you bring to the problem or people involved.
    5.     A determination of the level of patience one is going to need.
    6.     The expense, both emotionally and financial.
    7.     The ability to examine one’s motives.
    8.     The ability you have to make others “buy into” your choice.
    9.     The ability to look at the big picture.

Here are factors that will inhibit good reasoning skills:

1.     Showing anger that is out of control will reduce the number of good outcomes.
2.     Making a snap decision.
3.     Not properly including and influencing the key people necessary.
4.     Not thinking about how to make a decision so that it is win-win.


I have been thinking about the concept of stewardship. It’s significance takes on the persona of a complete ownership mentality. You take on the full responsibility for the surrounding circumstances. You never give excuses and catch yourself before you groan or complain because you know you must take on a higher level of responsibility. This kind of stewardship is not for the faint of heart. Someone who is easily rattled by oncoming challenges will self-destruct. There are only a few who can withstand the weight of the pressure, which must be stronger inside to offset the pressure from the outside. When you take on the role you will be an example to many. At your low points, you will fight with yourself to remind yourself that it’s a great privilege. At your high points you will feel closer to God.

—John Cokinos

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