Problems: Train yourself to think Positively. See through the problem to the solution.

By Nicholas Cokinos

Are you a problem maker or a problem solver? Too many people get these two situations confused. Some people thiNicholas Cokinosnk that consistently pointing out problems is really helpful. Think how much better everything would have been if you were capable of identifying and coming up with solutions. Pointing out problems often is interpreted as complaints.

The blame game is all too prevalent. Pointing the finger at someone else is a common phenomenon. It’s doubly harmful in a business. All too often, we blame others when things are not going our way. We have come to expect too much from our company and our surroundings and too little from ourselves. Check to see if you are a “moaner and a groaner.”

Just think for a moment about the difference that can be made by asking the right questions: “If I can’t stand the way things are around here, what am I going to do about it?” Or do you say, “wouldn’t it be great if we could have a discussion to find out what could be done to make things run more smoothly?”

The point is obvious: train yourself to think positively. See through the problem to the solution. Be among the first to suggest positive solutions and best of all, if you can solve a problem without calling attention to it, you really will be ahead of the game. You are the kind of person the boss is looking for!

Now here is a key sentence: “Make sure you contribute more than you cost.” A great attitude, positive approach to problems, viewing problems as temporary challenges, “makes a world of difference. By the way, do you hate change? Become part of the “change.” Help to make it work.

Things to remember:

  • Do not waste energy
  • Do not get angry
  • Do not give into grief about what has already happened
  • Do not be emotional. Use logic and seize every opportunity to be a problem solver!

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